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Friday, January 18, 2013

Website for recording food

I found a very helpful website. It is spark people. Here is why I like it. First it is free, which is helpful. Also it has a lot of tools I need. Not everyone who is trying to eat healthy is doing it to lose weight. That is not my real concern. Mine is to keep track of nutritional values in my food and make sure I'm eating a balanced heart healthy diet. I like the way you can set up your favorite foods. If you have an item that is not listed in the foods already, there is a feature for you to add them.You can build grocery lists. You can make favorites lists which are great to make this site work faster. Most people eat similar things on a regular basis. The only complaint I have is the grocery list. It isn't as easy to use as I want.

I am using the companion website spark recipe. You can make your own recipe collections. I have been working on that. You can put your recipes there and find the nutritional value. 

I also have to increase my activity level. The fitness section allows you to track your exercise. There are exercise videos that cover a variety of levels. I have used several of the video since this is a challenge for me.  I would like to find more videos online to use in exercise. I am looking for ones that are between 15-20 minutes. Right now I am looking for beginner levels but hope to be up to high levels in a few months.

You can do both at this site.  You can also print out reports. You can customize what you see. You can find people to interact with. Truthfully I haven't done as much as I should yet. However, I am still exploring it.
Has anyone else used spark people? Have they found a site they like better than this? Remember I am always looking for suggestions.

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