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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chocolate Chess Pie

I wanted to share a recipe I made last night. My husband wanted a chocolate chess pie and I wanted one I could eat. I got one at after Goggling for lower cholesterol chocolate chess pie. Oh this recipe is fanastatic. My grandson said it was like eating a fudge pie. I served it fresh out of the oven and still warm.

         Now let me tell you that I know it is high in sugar! But look at the calories from fat. Why so much fat calories? I must be missing something. The recipe has butter, eggs, cocoa powder, sugar, evaporated milk and vanilla. Which one is providing the fat calories? 

I want to know how I can make this recipe better for a person on a low cholesterol, low sugar eating plan. I considered using egg whits instead of whole eggs as an option. I also thought about using stevia instead of the white sugar. I wondered if it would be better to use brown sugar instead of white and if it would make a difference.  Would I use less sugar? Where would I go to figure this out? Just trial and error? But then again if I change the ingredients, how do I figure out the difference in the nutritional value?

I need to know if this is a recipe that I will just have to make for them or if I can modify it. Personally I want them to eat more like the doctor told me to so they don't end up with the same problems. My grandson is 10 and this is a good time to make his food choices better.

Like I said before if you have suggestions I will try them and post the results. If they don't work out I'll tell you why or what we didn't like about them.

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