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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The beginning

     This blog is the beginning of healthy eating and me asking for ideas and having a place to share ideas, tips, recipes and anything heart healthy. I have always considered myself very healthy. I am not overweight. I walk at least 2 miles a day. However recently I found out I need to lower my cholesterol and my sugar needs to come down too. My doctor agreed to give me 3 months to get the cholesterol from 328 or start taking medication. So my husband and I came home and started making changes. 

     Now we read labels which is something we had never really done before. But while I was reading a label looking at just the cholesterol, someone mentioned I needed to look at the different kind of fats and there is supposed to be a particular balance of them. Good grief!! I am totally confused. 
    We are finding major problems though. So here are our questions. What do you look at when you read labels? What do we need to compare and use to choose what to buy? What are your favorite healthy simple recipes? What websites do you use? What are your favorite tips? There is so much information out there that we are overwhelmed!
    I also have to exercise more. This is something I HATE to do. I was told it had to be intense exercise to really get the heart rate up. I want fun exercise ideas. Who or what do you use for exercise?  Right now I just turn on Pandora and uses the dance channel. Anything you want to tell me, suggest, or whatever-just leave a comment.  I WILL read and try them. 
    I want to get things set up where there is a lists of about 10 dinner meals so that I can make a master grocery list from. So let us know your ideas for lowering cholesterol and feeding the heart.

I will be posting recipes, tools and anything I can find. I would welcome your input. 

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  1. This is all such very informative info. I give you kudos for doing so well and sticking to it! I'm not so sure I could stick to it as well, I need more motivation, but from reading your information, it may just help me to get there!!! Love ya sis! Keep up the excellent work!!