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Monday, February 11, 2013

I got a book on my Kindle Fire this week that I love. Delicious Desserts: Sinful Low-Cal Favorites has recipes I will use. I am known for my desserts. Family will come in and ask what dessert I have made. Since I have changed my eating habits that has gone away. I have only made 2 chocolate recipes and you have seen both here. 
Quick Berry Cream Cheese Tart
The Chess pie was off the charts sugar and cholesterol wise. The chocolate cake met the requirements but I needed more. Most recipes I find online don't tell me the nutritional values. She does! I needed a lower sugar cheese cake recipe. So I tried the Quick Berry Cream Cheese Tart. I made 2 changes. I used rice flour and ground oatmeal for the ginger snaps. I was making this for someone who has celiac disease. She likes strawberries so I used strawberry jelly I had made last year for the berries. Th tart was a little thin and the crust was chewier than I would like. However, they said it was a fabulous cream cheese granola bar and she could eat it!
Plain Cream Cheese Tart
Plain Cream Cheese Tart

I ended up making the recipe again without any berries. My husband loved this. But he likes his cheese cake plain. I think the best thing about this recipe besides the low calories is how quick and easy it is to make. You go from beginning to eating in 30 minutes!

Strawberry Crumb Cake
I made the Strawberry Crumb Cake just like the recipe said. This was for the two of us and we have no food allergies. Oh, I did make one change! I used my homemade grape jelly that I made from my own grapes I picked from my small grape arbor. SO good and I know exactly what it has in it. My son was upset with me because there wasn't enough. He said I had ruined him eating store bought coffee cake now. So I promised to make more. He said the crumb topping was the best he has had. He would also eat it without the filling which would cut down on calories and sugar.

Like I said, I recommend this book because of the delicious recipes and the fact that it has the nutritional values already calculated. I plan on making more of her desserts in the next few weeks.

I almost forgot. For those of you who don't have a Kindle you can still use the book. Amazon offers several free kindle reading apps so the book can be used on just about anything.
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